February 06, 2014

Ready for Beta!

"The Psi Squad and the Atherton Ghost" is officially ready for beta readers!

It's remarkable to think I started this project roughly one year ago, almost exactly. When time is precious, as it increasingly proves to be, it can be difficult to find bits of it here and there to write, edit, rewrite, re-edit, and do all the other things involved with the creation of a book. Among those other things are putting together a cover and preparing the text for ebook and paperback formats.

Unlike the first "Psi Squad" book, which was mostly written late at night when the rest of the household was nestled snuggly in bed, this second installment in the series was written during early morning hours, and primarily on Tuesdays. I'm not sure if the change in writing schedule is in any way reflected in the narrative, but I definitely felt more capable of the task in the morning. Perhaps it's a sign of my advancing age that I can no longer burn the candle into the wee hours and stay focused.

In any case, I found "The Psi Squad and the Atherton Ghost" a thoroughly entertaining book to write, if for not other reason than it changed my expectations of the series.

The first book set the stage, almost literally. You met the primary characters -- J.B., Rhea and William -- and were introduced to the semi-fictitious world in which they live. Those were the only goals of the book, and I believe they were well achieved.

This second book takes what has been set up and sets it in motion with character arcs and plot developments that will span the next seven books. But it's early, yet, and I don't want to give away any secrets.

Watch for the book on Amazon in the coming weeks!

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